Why we created TattooedSingles.com

In 1769, Joseph Banks was a naturalist on board Captain Cook's ship, HMS Endeavour exploring the South Pacific when they discovered the island paradise of Tahiti, where tattooing was prominent and sexual inhibitions almost non-existent.

People always ask; "Why do people get tattooed?”

Upon his arrival in Tahiti, Banks wrote in his journal, "so much for their persons. I shall now mention their method of painting their bodies or "tattow", as it is called in their language. This they do by inlaying the color black under their skins in such a way as to be indelible; everyone is marked thus in different parts of his body according maybe to his humor or different circumstances of his life. " Across continents and centuries, body art has held an important part of cultural history, and what Joseph Banks wrote in 1769 holds true today.

Tattooed people are still individuals, in a world that strips us of our individuality. We make an irrevoccable choice for life, and it's good for our souls. Tattooedsingles.com is a tool that facilitates bringing like-minded people from all over a way to communicate with each other and socialize from the comfort & privacy of their computers.

For years the crew at tattoos.com would get requests at conventions from artists and collectors to provide an online service that allowed collectors and artists to mingle and meet. Well we heard your requests and TattooedSingles.com is our answer, so watch for the buzz, because we are gonna be at the shows, we're gonna have some great parties and we're gonna provide you with the latest tattoo news once you sign up. You’ll know about the guest spots, the hot work, the next big shows, all the inside info goes to our members. Last, but not least, were gonna help you meet someone that loves ink just as much as you do; you already have something in common.

Peace, Love, and Happiness - TSC crew.


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